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Years of Experience

The process of passing assets to heirs and beneficiaries after death can be accomplished, with proper planning, quickly and at minimal and reasonable cost. There are many facets of winding down the affairs of a decedent. Proper experience and planning will minimize the stress and hassle of executing the wishes of the decedent and minimize or even eliminate the need to transfer assets through the probate process. But when it is necessary, you want a trusted and experienced advisor to navigate the process on your behalf including settlement of all claims against the estate and distribution of the remaining assets to the heirs and beneficiaries of the decedent.

Probate can become very complicated and leave an Executor bewildered and confused. The Executor is responsible to contact many businesses and entities, timely file documents with the court, ensure that assets are transferred pursuant to the decedent's direction, and generally carry out the responsibilities imposed upon the by statute. Let our years of experience help you through this difficult time and guarantee the deceased's estate is managed and distributed correctly.

For more information on the probate process please view our video.

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